Appointment with a Fairy - a magical experience

Appointment with a Fairy - a magical experience


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Have you heard about Emporium of Wonders Appointment with a Fairy?

A magical experience for a special event.

Make an appointment with one of our dedicated fairies. Your child will be greeted in store with a cup of flower tea and fruit. Our fairy will sit with your child and find out all about the birthday girl or boy. There will be time to explore the beautiful gifts on display at the Emporium of Wonders Byron Bay.

It is OK if the birthday budget is $20, we have a large selection of price points and our fairy can help to guide the gift choosing process. It's all about making your child feel special and giving them the VIP fairy treatment!

Your child will spend some more time with the fairy. We will write a letter to the fairies (the fairies write back via email ) and reading one of our huge fairy books. Allow 40 minutes for this experience.

To inquire about this service drop into store or simply book online. Your $5 booking fee goes to Classroom of Hope.

Also appropriate for other special events. For example, on holiday in Byron Bay, starting school reward, first trip to dentist reward,  first loose tooth, excellent manners reward, doing jobs around the house reward, good sharing reward.

* Note to parents; there are a couple of options for this service...

Option an appointment.  On arrival let the fairy know a set amount of "birthday money" or "reward money"  that your child can spend. The fairy will help guide your child to pick items to this value. To see this option in action follow this link.

Option B... book an appointment, the fairy helps your child choose a few of items they love. We email this collection to your family and invite them to choose something. This way your child gets a suprise on their birthday. To see an example of this option follow this link.


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