Fish Dreams of Trees

Fish Dreams of Trees


Description: Axel Scheffler's delightfully characterful artwork brings to life these playful and easily accessible poems by Frantz Wittkamp, masterfully translated from German to English. A beautiful hardback with real cloth binding and a ribbon, Poetry Collection makes an excellent gift. There are lions and tigers and mice galore, not to mention a whole host of other bizarre and loveable creatures in this fully colour illustrated 64 page collection of short poems. Each four-line poem conjures up a fresh new scene or concept and their short length combined with the colourful, sumptuously detailed artwork makes this book ideal for introducing poetry to the very young. Ranging from the curious to the witty, the touching to the joyful, and all exquisitely illustrated by award-winning Axel Scheffler, Poetry Collection is the perfect book of poetry to share with children young and old


Hardback Book

Dimensions: 25.2 and 17.5 cm

Publish Date: 10/10/2017

Page Count: 48

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