Gifts for children

At The Pickled Fairy & Other Myths we are passionate about quality gifts for children that will inspire imagination and creative play. Gifts that will last and be passed through the family. We source our collections from both local suppliers and the best quality from around the globe, always with a fantasy twist.

Our brands include Scleich, Papo, Tikiri, Himalayan Journey, Little Mashies, Sarah's Silks, Little Gems Australia and more.

Now finding the perfect gift for the many birthday parties your treasure will be invited to during the year has been made fun and easy.

Shop our collection of beautiful gifts from $8 - $30 here  

Shop our collection of magical gifts from $30 - $150 here 

Shop our collection of wands, wings and fairy garden essentials here

To see our full range of Little Gems Australia fairy, mermaid, princess dresses please call us to organise a virtual viewing with one of our dedicated fairies.


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