About Us

About Us

Where it all began....

The Emporium of Wonders all began over 27 years ago in Fremantle, WA, where our sister store 'The Pickled Fairy' was born.

Melia, the owner of Emporium of Wonders grew up in a magical world where creativity and imagination where as important as math and history.

Melia's very first job was fairy party host at The Pickled Fairy. These birthday parties have brought an enchanting experience to 140,000 West Australian children over the last 2.5 decades and have become famous in the West.

Melia's mum Jenny is the original fairy queen of Fremantle and has created many of the books, stories & songs you will experience at the Emporium of Wonders. 

When Melia moved to Byron Bay with her young family she dusted off her fairy wings, packed up her dragon friends and the old man wizard and moved everybody into a grand warehouse in Byron's Arts Estate.

Transforming the warehouse into the Emporium of Wonders was a fun family endeavor. Jenny and Rex brought the magic. mystery and enchantment of the Pickled Fairy into this new space. Melia and Geoff and the children have painted and created. The purple path that echos the Pickled Fairy, takes us from under the sea with the mermaids, via the dragon cave, through the book nook and into the fairy realm.

We all love our new Byron Bay home. The treasures abound at the Emporium of Wonders. It is a place to shop for birthday gifts with a fantasy twist. A place to experience a magical birthday party. A place to discover magic.

We would love to meet you here...




Welcome to Emporium of Wonders

Join all the fabulous, magical creatures of Byron Bay and beyond and stay up to date with happenings.

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