Fairytale Party

Fairytale Party


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Who is your favorite Fairytale character?

Cinderella? Snow White? Peter Pan or Tinkerbell? Or maybe its Princess Belle or even Shrek? Invite your friends to dress up too and get ready to come to the fairytale palace. 

This party is full of fun and games that include all of the Fairytale folk from books and movies. Of course there is a fairytale feast too!

All your friends get to take home a fairytale bracelet.

So don't forget to dress as a character from Fairyland.

Ages : 5 and over

Costs: $220 for up to ten children, $14 each extra child, maximum 15 including birthday child
Duration: 1 hour. 
Included: Invitations, party food and drinks, birthday cake, a little gift for all. 
Booking: Come in or phone 02 5614 8879. A $110 deposit secures your spot.

Parties available Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm

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