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Earth friendly baby toys. At Emporium of Wonders you will find a range of toys that are designed with both environmental and human safety in mind. They are made from natural cotton, antibacterial corn fiber and sustainably-produced rubber. These toys are hypo-allergenic and non-toxic, and are suitable for babies.

Our in house brand Gypsy Mama Wild Child doesn't forget our tiny folk, our Wild Child Baby Collection includes original art work and natural fabrics. Sizes here from 000 to 18 months.

 Baby clothes and toys byron bay

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Meiya Puppet Snuggly
Havah All Rubber Squeaker - Bonikka
Meiya Stacker - Bonikka
Sparkly Shining Stars Unicorn Teether
Cotton Candy Unicorn Teether
Havah Snuggly - Bonikka
Magical Midnight Dragon Teether
Alvin Rattle - Bonnika
Alvin Flat Toy With Rattle - Bonikka
Seafarer Baby Romper
Sea Gypsy Baby Bloomers
Sea Gypsy Linen Overalls
Sea Gypsy Shrug White
Sea Gypsy Aqua Stretch Headband
Sea Gypsy Aqua Beanie
Circus Gypsy Tie-dye Bloomers
Circus Gypsy Stretch Headband
Gypsy fairy stretch headband
Gypsy Fairy Linen Overalls

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