Byron Community Primary School Creative Writing Activity

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Posted on May 23 2019

Byron Community Primary School Creative Writing Activity


A warm appreciation is sent to the children from Seahorses class at BCPS. The whole class contributed to Emporium of Wonders creative writing activity.

We were wowed by tales of monsters, dragons, trolls, unicorns, wolves, angels, vampires,a weked wech and a 99 year old fairy!

We traveled to the jungle, to an island and even to ancient Egypt!

Thank you to Tom, Saskia, Gracie, Ajani, Jasper, Idris, Willow, Ava, Isla, Maddie, Maia, Indiana, Jai, Journee, Flo, Harley, Lilli-Grace and Molly.

All the children's stories took us on adventures of wild imagination.

The winner of the competition introduced us to a very special fairy. We loved this story because we loved how the fairy cared so much about the other fairies and  the children. We think the party with the dancing and lanterns sounds very fun!

Congratulations Molly, we look forward to seeing you at Emporium of Wonders to claim your prize!


The Tale of the Ferey Frog - by Molly, BCPS.

Once upon a time there was a ferey frog that lived in a ferey vilige. She was the qine of all fereys in the vilige. She plated flowers in the gadins. She made shor that all the fereys sdarte happy. There was a rive that the fereys could simme in.

The ferey frog put on a pirty fore the fereys. The kids wavd there majke wans arand and arand. They aet majke cakes and samwjs and then swam in the rive. The rive was warm and at nite they dact around the rive. Arand the rive there war lantins and then the kids went to bed. The ferey frog stad up layt with the gon-ups and aet dinr and then went to bed.

It was moning and erey body aet bafist. The ferey frog aet pancakes and then she went to rive evre body was there swimming and playing. There was a ras for the kids. It was a big ras, all around the rive, then to the woods and then bake. The ras was starting. They ran and ran arand the rive then into the woods and bake. It was long. The winnr of the ras was a little giel named Liliy, she one the ras.

The end.


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